The Strange Case of

Hello Web at large, has been tracking a leeching site for some time now, which means that the posts to this blog have been pulled automatically into their site, presumably through hotlinking. Originally thought this was simply a nice compliment and flattery. But the implications in the matter of SEO were also known. Why would another site intentionally pull original material? The answer escapes us.

But no matter, the gig is up, the leeching is stopped.


If you’d like more information about this, please post in the comments.


Back in the Eighties…

…there was a scary series of movies focused on Friday the 13th. Suspenseful murder, young people and a campground were the starting points and the series introduced a fellow named “Jason”. Some people had pity on Jason as he had a terrible childhood and probably couldn’t help becoming a psychopathic killer. But there weren’t too many of them.

My point in bringing up Jason is that there is a segue to web languages, believe it or not. Javascript, the scripting language used in modern web browsers, has been systematically structured so that web page content can be moved from one site, such as this one, into another, such as, through Javascript Object Notation, also known as JSON.

There is more to discuss about JSON in future posts; please subscribe to stay tuned in.

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